Benefits of Using Our Leaflet Distribution Service.

Fully Monitored Distribution:

Each of our carriers are, equipped with a GPS tracking device, when they are delivering your flyers. This allows us to review their work on a daily basis. It ensures your leaflets are reaching the target homes you requested.

When you use Premier Savings as your leaflet distribution service. You know your leaflets are GUARANTEED to reach your target audience.

Professional Delivery:

We ensure your leaflets are delivered to every home properly.

We fully train every new carrier and we primarily employ only responsible adults to be our carriers.

In exceptional cases, as we endeavor to help young people in our community also gain some work experience, we will employ mature youths over 14 years of age as long as their parents promise to supervise them. Of course, they would also be equipped with a GPS tracking device while delivering your leaflets.

All carriers are instructed to respect the dwelling of every household that they deliver to by only walking on the pathways available and not to cross over gardens.

They are instructed to fully insert the leaflets through the letterbox.

Accurate, Cost-Effective Delivery:

You are only charged for those leaflets delivered. Each carrier is instructed to return to our office any surplus leaflets not delivered after completing their route.

For example, if homes request non-delivery of unaddressed mail, we do not deliver to that home, and of course you are not charged. This will save you valuable pounds over the course of the year on your marketing budget. In addition, we can deliver to only specific homes you request within each route. Just ask for details!

Maximum Exposure:

All leaflets are delivered separately on a free-standing basis. They are never inserted into any kind of newspaper or wrap to ensure maximum exposure.

When delivering multiple leaflets, the carriers are trained to insert the leaflets through the letterbox so the smallest are on top of the larger ones, which ensures that all are visible to the householder.

In joint delivery, we only ever deliver a maximum of three leaflets at a time.

Targeted Delivery:

Unlike other media, we can be very precise in targeting only those dwellings where we have a good opportunity to gain a new customer from.

For example, if your services or products pertain only to consumers who own their property, it makes no sense to waste your valuable marketing budget in delivering to people who live in rental accommodation.

Measurable Response:

Unlike mass media, like newspapers, radio or television, leaflets are highly measurable in determining how many responses you have received in each and every campaign. This can be greatly enhanced by having a specific offer on your leaflet.

Professional. Reliable. Honest.

At Premier Savings, we know how important every one of your marketing pounds is to you. We’ll endeavor to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Direct Mail is still one of the most cost-effective means to stay in touch with your existing customers while reaching out to potential new ones. One of the main benefits of direct mail is what we call ‘Shelf Life’.

The potential customer can retain your message for an indefinite period to review at their convenience.

Direct mail also makes multiple impressions on consumers each time they receive your leaflet.

When designing your leaflet, there are four key components we suggest you follow to increase the success of your marketing campaign.

We call them ‘OHIO’

O – Offer
Have a strong offer that will encourage the consumer to ‘call to action’. This will encourage them to retain the leaflet as they see value in it, and thus make them more likely to retain the leaflet for further review at a convenient time.
H – Headline
Use a catchy phrase to immediately show the consumer what service of product you are promoting. Remember! You only have a few seconds to catch the consumer’s attention.
I – Illustration
Use one or two pictures at least on each page of the leaflet, so the consumer can quickly visualise what you are promoting.
O – Other information
Other than your company name, address (if appropriate) and telephone number, also include information that would show the potential consumer important features of your product or service, especially those that separate you from your competitors. For example; length of time in business, recognised trade credentials, experience of staff, good customer service, et cetera.

Always remember, your  leaflet is only meant to be a lead generator.

Its whole purpose is to get the consumer to act and contact you to either receive more information or to book an appointment.

Never overload your leaflet with too much information. Aim for  just enough to get their attention and create desire to find out more about your company.