All About Premier Savings.

Premier Savings was founded in 2005 by Gregory Langen to help small and medium-sized businesses grow, and maximise their return on their marketing investment.

Gregory first got started in direct mail marketing in 1984 with a Canadian company, Barnaby Promotions, and the following year with Valpak, the largest co-operative direct mail marketing company in the world.

It is this international experience from time spent in the industry, that he draws upon, to make sure your marketing campaign is a success.

As a new client of Premier Savings, you meet face to face with Gregory in person.

The goal of the initial meeting is to help you make a good decision on how direct mail can meet your marketing goals.

He will custom design a marketing campaign for your business that will generate the best possible return on your investment. By drilling down on your ideal customer with you, he will be able to determine which demographic areas of your chosen region, are the best to target for your needs.

During the meeting, Gregory will point out important information about your business that is crucial to have in your leaflet.

He will guide you with suggestions that will help you design your leaflet to reach the maximum success. This will ensure your leaflet captures the attention of the occupant of the home (Remember, you only have a fraction of a second to make them want to read more about your company now, or retain it for later viewing).

He will also share with you a specific formula he gained from his experience in the industry in his initial years. It will show you the minimum return required to achieve a good return on your investment.

Finally if you require.

Premier Savings can organise the printing of your leaflets at an extremely competitive price.

Our client base currently consists of over 50 different companies, from a wide variety of business categories, including companies such as Heatguard, BlueFlame, Molly Maids, HTM Products, Cashbrokers, Buckingham Insurance to name only a few. With this steady growth in Chesterfield and areas, we have now expanded to deliver also in Sheffield.

Let Premier Savings go to work on your local marketing campaign for you today!

Contact us at the bottom of this page either by using the email form below or calling Gregory directly on the numbers listed.