laser targeted Marketing For Your Services And Products.

We provide a full service that is individually customised to your needs. By working closely with you, we deliver a service that laser targets the precise, demographic household categories that will provide maximum exposure for your services and products on a cost effective basis. Our goal is to ensure we drive your marketing costs down and your return on your investment up.

Typically there are four demographic areas in every community:

  1. 1. Private homes – upscale, middle class, and working class,
  2. 2. Council homes,
  3. 3. Council flats and
  4. 4. OAP council bungalows.
In addition to the above categories, further drilling down is available to be even more specific in targeting your exact audience.

The two ways your leaflets can be distributed are as follows:

1. Solo Distribution:

On a solo basis you can target the exact area you wish to reach, based on both geographic and demographic factors.

We have broken down each community into walks varying from 300 to 500 houses on average. This allows you to be much more precise in reaching only the areas you desire where your potential customer resides.

Other distribution services often only allow you to distribute in much larger quantities.

This means, in many cases you will have to distribute into non-desirable areas to reach your target area and thus waste valuable advertising pounds.

Most importantly, solo delivery provides maximum visibility to your business when your leaflet is received at their household.

2. Joint Distribution:

We also deliver a multiple number of different leaflets to homes with a maximum of three per household per delivery at a competitive rate. As only a maximum of three are delivered per delivery, it still ensures high visibility to your promotion.

In addition, in some situations it might only go out with one other leaflet.

In comparison, many other delivery companies will deliver an unlimited number of promotional leaflets at one time which makes your leaflet much less visible.

As with our solo distribution, you can once again target very accurately only those areas where your potential customers reside.

Call or email us today using the contact details at the bottom of this page to discuss your ideal target audience and how we can best get your marketing message in front of them.